The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has created a separate track of technical support available to communities to prepare national applications for Global Fund grants under the new funding cycle.


Preparations are underway for the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment, covering 2023–2025. It is expected that at the end of this year, countries will begin to receive official letters from the Global Fund informing them of the funding available for the control of the three diseases in the next allocation period, and they will apply for new grant funding starting in March 2023.

In this regard, the Global Fund, as part of the technical support component of its Strategic Initiative on Community Engagement (formerly known as the Strategic Initiative on Communities, Rights, and Gender), has created a separate technical support track (TS) to ensure the deepest possible participation of civil society representatives in the preparation of national grant applications.


The following areas of TS provision are the priority areas within this track:


Area A. Situational analysis and needs assessment

A.1 Evaluating the problems associated with OST to develop a funding request under the NMF4

A.2 Evaluating the program within NMF3 to develop a request for funding under the NMF4


Area B. Participation in the country dialogue process

B.1 Consultation(s) with the community to prioritize funding requests under the NMF4

B.2 Coordinate participation in developing Global Fund-related documents (e.g., request for funding or documents required to award a grant)


Area C. Support for developing mechanisms and conditions for programs implementation

C.1 Assistance in calculating costs

To receive this technical support, interested representatives of civil society, including communities, from countries in the EECA region that meet the Global Fund’s eligibility criteria to receive funding for HIV and/or TB should:


– Clarify with the Country Coordinating Committee when your country plans to apply for new funding from the Global Fund (if in 2023, clarify the submission window)

Contact the EECA Regional Platform for assistance in the preparation of the TS request

Select the track(s) and areas of TS provision most relevant for your planning purposes within NFM4

When filling in the request form — follow the prompts in red font on how to fill the form (for example, “indicate the organizations/networks involved,” “submit a detailed calculation of the costs of holding workshops and collecting data”)

– Submit a request for TS at least 6 months before the country’s NFM4 funding request window

Updated technical support request form in Russian and English:

CRG Technical Assistance Request Form

Technical support request form concerning OST


Recording of the webinar on this area of Global Fund technical support and the presentation “Short-term technical assistance within the framework of NFM4”: