Alliance Consultancy is seeking a consultant / team of consultants to develop a training module ”How to verify and analyze data for CLM” and ‘The relationship and prospects of integrating CLM work with the health system”

Training Module Structure / Requirements For Development

1. The first step is the development of the training module outline (if one isn’t already provided); the outline should include the following sections: Name, Description, Objectives, Outcomes, Content outline, Audience, Tools, Duration, Other requirements.

2. The training module (full package of materials to be developed) must include:

– PPT presentation(s) – slides with material for the trainer to use at the training

– Trainer’s Manual – instructions for each slide; overall info on the training; ideas / instructions on facilitating / overall approach on delivery, timing, etc.; additional material / reading on the topics on the slides; handouts; pre- and post- training questionnaires 

3. In terms of the presentations per one module – approximately 4 PPT presentations (depending on the number of themes covered) in two modes – with and without speakers notes. Each PPT – around 10 slides, overall – around 40 slides. This is an indicative number and depends on the presentation style, balance of text and visuals, density of text, inclusion of tables and graphs that require detailed explanations etc., as well as on the agreed content outline.

4. The aim is to provide all the necessary information for the training participant and the trainer to be able to carry out the training and achieve the end result – the participants gain an understanding of the topic at hand and are able to carry out corresponding activities / tasks / etc (according to the objectives of the module).

5. All information that comes from external sources should be provided with links to the source or reference.

6. Visual materials are very welcome – either existing with a link to the source, or ideas as to how it should be adapted / a note for the designer.

7. The PPT can be done in a blank slides format, the design and formatting will be done by ATAC when the content is finalised and approved.

8. The module should be accompanied with links to additional resources on each topic brought up, videos, guides, online course, any relevant additional information that can be useful for a more in-depth dive into the subject.

9. The module should be accompanied by a short instruction for the trainer that gives an overview of the materials and the approach to their presentation / usage in the training session(s).

10. The module should be developed in English or Russian.

11. Each module should include
– A brief intro / background
– Theoretic basis on the issue – definitions, facts, evidence
– Practical examples / cases of successful implementation / illustration of the issue
– Practical exercises during which the training participants will be able to practice applying the skills / knowledge received (easily adaptable to the organisations/individual participants topic of work)

● Higher education in a field related to health care/sociology/medicine, etc., or in another specialization, if work experience in the field of health care, in particular in the field of response to the HIV epidemic globally exceeds 5 years
● Understanding the situation and the latest trends in the field of health care, in particular in the field of response to the HIV epidemic globally; understanding the situation using IT for reinforcement
health care work
● Experience in the field of health care, in particular in the field of response to the HIV epidemic globally, including as an individual consultant on projects
● Experience of training modules or relevant materials development is a plus
● High level of command of English and/or russian language – written and spoken
● High level of motivation to work
● Ability to work in a team and coordinate activities with other project participants
● Ability to work under stress and tight deadlines

Deadline for submission – August, 11

To submit your candidacy please send us:

  • your CV, emphasizing relevant experience
  • your daily rate
  • any previous developments (training modules or similar materials) is a plus

Please send your documents and/or questions to