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OSF, Kenyan Red Cross Society, GF, Secretariat, CDC, etc., currently seeking funds for future cycles
Course Contents and Structure:

Harm Reduction Academy is a global learning, dialogue and skills building course established with the vision to end AIDS and Hepatitis C among people who inject drugs.

Inspired by the successes in response to HIV epidemic in some of the most challenging settings, the course combines decades of practical experience and most recent developments in effective and impactful responses.

Over the course of six months, three exciting weeks will be dedicated to lecture hours, combined with practical field visits in three countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Course participants will learn:

• how to evaluate the needs of a given drug using community and how to effectively develop response programs;

• which interventions and their combinations have the highest capacity of epidemic impact in the given context;

• how to allocate the scarce resources most effectively with maximum health and social outcome;

• how to reach to drug users and motivate behavior change and link them to key medical services insuring adherence.

Course participants:

 Harm reduction specialists from all over the world. 

To bring together individuals with a mix of international backgrounds ensuring professional and cultural diversity in the classroom and the field and thus establish effective networks and joint global harm reduction initiatives.
You can express your interest to join one of the next HRA cycles here.
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Project status:
4 Cycles of the training course have already been conducted and participants from 18 countries of the world have received their training.