Implementation period:
2011 – 2015


China, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Malaysia


International HIV/AIDS Alliance


1 298 347,00 USD


Improved access to HIV prevention, treatment and care, SRHR and other services for IDU, their partners and their children in 5 countries; increased capacity of civil society and government stakeholders to deliver harm reduction and health services to IDU, their partners and children in 5 countries; protected human rights of drug users, their partners and children in 5 countries; increased and shared learning about the role of civil society in harm reduction programmes in 5 countires
The aim of the programme was involve people who use drugs in the design and delivery of services, and is developing advocacy plans to advance the human rights of people who use drugs in 5 countries Chine, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Malasia. There was a strong focus on building the local capacity of community based organisations and sharing knowledge about what works
The progect brought in substantial contribution to country HIV response among people who use drugs in methods, services and techniques applied. Within this progect was educated more than 500 people, wrote publications actual topic, conducted 4 researches
1. Provision of follow-up technical support on software for China, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Malaysia
2. Additional adaptation of software for India based on the request from India HIV/AIDS Alliance
3. Provision of regular distance assistance to CAHR partner organizations from all 5 countries
4. Coordination of knowledge exchange among CAHR partner organizations through forums, social media, etc. in order to provide an opportunity to share experience, knowledge and discuss problems and barriers country partners are faced with
5. Development of the publication on the employment of people who use drugs
6. Technical assistance to MAC with organization of National Harm Reduction Conference
7. Provision of technical support to organizations in Indonesia on introduction of PDI as a part of the study on women who use injecting drugs. Facilitation of the training to introduce PDI in Indonesia and development of program tools and materials
8. Organization of the workshop on employing active drug users as a part of harm reduction program. The aim of the workshop for representatives from 5 countries was to pilot HR employment publication and introduce key principles and practices of employing people who use drugs as a part of harm reduction program
1. Follow-up technical assistance was provided to organisations using software
2. Two conducted workshops
3. Two technical support visits conducted to country implementing partners
4. The publication on employment of people who use drugs is developed
5. Technical support on development of peer driven intervention was provided to organizations from Indonesia